Be a Food Hero with BiteShare

BiteShare has introduced another special category known as Food Hero.Biteshare food heroes are mostly big organizations who donate many meals regularly. This category encourages restaurants, food chains, and other communities on the number of meals they donate every month. Furthermore, this feature also makes it easier for nearby acceptors to get food from these organizations regularly.

How to become Food Hero

fill the following form to become food hero

Soban Ahmed

t's a great use of technology to eliminate hunger, biteshare will connect everyone on a single platform to help the people in need, taking care of the poor person's dignity and privacy.

Muhmmad Usama

Great Initiative. This will really help us to eradicate hunger. Now we can easily control food wastage through this amazing app... love this.Great Step towards humanity 🙌 Appreciatable initiative👍


I have donated more than 5 packets of food. It was really an amazing experience.I recommend everyone to install BiteShare app and share your extra meal. Its a good and easy to use app.

Rana Abdullah

I personally recommend this platform to save and share the food and to help the needy and deserve peoples of community.Good initiative to overcome food wastage and the app is having amazing features. 👍🏻

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