Classy Career Girl 

Classy Career Girl 

Classy Career Girl 


Classy Career Girl is an e-learning platform for women to build their careers. They provide training to help women searching for a job or planning to start a new business.

The founder, Anna Runyan, envisioned a hub where everything women needed, from career to life balance, could be found in one place. It is a global community with members around the world that includes podcasts, blogs, and membership plans. The podcast includes training sessions, interviews, success stories, and other inspiring topics. The blogs cover topics like job searching, virtual entrepreneurship, leadership, social media, and money.

The membership plan includes the Corporate Rescue Plan and the Love Your Career Formula. The Corporate Rescue Plan is for those trying to hustle into a full-time business, and the second plan is for women trying to land and build their dream job. You can purchase any of the plans to stay focused, goal-oriented, and motivated.

 Ladies Make Money

Ladies Make Money is a guide to help women make money online. With the increase in remote work, this is a great blog for women looking to make money in creative fields. Whether you are willing to work abroad or find ways to improve your financial health, Ladies Make Money makes it possible. It is also an excellent resource for learning how to start and grow a successful blog yourself


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